French Seagull UAV will hunt and strike tanks up to 80 km range

20 June 2023


The French Defense Innovation Agency (AID) has greenlit the “Larinae” project, which will be managed by Nexter Arrowtech, EOS Technologie, and TRAAK from June 16, 2023. KNDS Group, including Nexter, confirms the project’s commencement. Earlier, on June 12, 2023, media highlighted the Larinae and “Colibri” projects by the French DGA and AID, aimed at producing remote-controlled munitions. Colibri is a portable system with a 5 km range and 30-minute flight duration.

The innovative design might surpass modern vehicle defense systems with its EFP warhead. Unverified industry talks suggest a Top Attack approach, targeting a vehicle’s more vulnerable top armor, a strategy Nexter previously explored with BAE Systems Bofors in Sweden.

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