French Army taps Nexter to build tank-busting kamikaze drones

19 June 2023


The French military has chosen Nexter to design drones with anti-tank warheads, aiming to showcase this capability by late 2024. Under the “Larinae” project, initiated in May, the French Defense Innovation Agency contracted with Nexter on June 16. This project, named after the Latin term for seagull, involves an unmanned aerial system by EOS Technologie, a core-generating charge technology by Nexter, and a GPS-independent navigation system by TRAAK.

The drone is designed for a range of around 80 kilometers and can operate autonomously for three hours. It is devised to bypass armored vehicle defenses and detect vehicles from 15 kilometers away during the day and three kilometers at night. The project’s cost remains undisclosed by the French defense ministry.

You can read the article on the website of Defense News here :

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