The French company EOS Technologie has unveiled Veloce 330, a remotely operated munition capable of flying at 400 km/h.

28 April 2024


In May 2022, the French Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) launched two remotely operated munition (MTO) projects named Colibri and Larinae, aimed at neutralizing targets at distances of 5 and 50 km respectively. One year later, for the Colibri project, two consortia were selected: MBDA/Novadem and Nexter/Delair, to develop munitions with rotating and fixed wings. Similarly, for Larinae, the Defense Innovation Agency (AID) chose a consortium led by KNDS France, EOS Technologie, and TRAAK, as well as MBDA associated with Delair who then introduced the “Mutant” MTO.

Recently, EOS Technologie unveiled the “Veloce 330” MTO, a jet-powered munition made in France, which successfully completed its third phase of tests. It reached speeds over 400 km/h and covered 50 km in just 16 minutes, thereby validating its aerodynamic design and manufacturing processes, and competing with Iranian munition technologies.

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