France Invests in The Tank-Hunting UAV Project, Larinae

27 June 2023


Just a week ago, the French General Directorate of Armaments (DGA) sought bids to procure numerous loitering munition systems for their military. This announcement was quickly followed by the unveiling of a fresh project at the Paris Air Show.

Historically, France hadn’t prioritized UAVs, particularly in the realm of loitering munitions. However, instead of opting for the Switchblade, France now aims to create its own munition, striving to stay a step ahead in warfare preparedness. On June 16, a partnership of Nexter Arrowtech (under KNDS), TRAAK, and EOS Technologies secured a deal with AID to craft a medium-distance, remote-controlled munition equipped with an anti-tank warhead. Remarkably, this munition is designed to function even without GPS access.

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