New Levers to Accelerate the ‘Dronization’ of the French Armed Forces.

16 April 2024


The French drone sector is leveraging new support dynamics to accelerate the “dronization” of the French armed forces, with an anticipated investment of €5 billion by 2030. This rapidly evolving industry requires a revision of acquisition mechanisms to incorporate more agility and timely capture of innovations. In response to the fast-paced market developments, the Ministry of the Armed Forces has shifted its approach from internal development to direct product purchasing, allowing it to keep up with technological advancements while supporting the local industry.

A recent contract awarded by the Directorate of Aeronautical Maintenance, with backing from the General Directorate of Armament, was granted to a consortium including EOS Technologie, Survey Copter, Delair, and Thales. This contract aims for the very reactive acquisition of intelligence drones for various military and civil users, thereby enhancing operational capacity and sectoral innovation.

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