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Eos Technologie relocates to Merignac in the growing military drone market.

20 September 2022


Eos Technologie has recently moved to Mérignac, near Bordeaux, where it has chosen to establish its headquarters. Previously located in Toulon, the SME with 12 employees, founded by Sébastien Verniaud, a former military officer, and Nicolas Ritter, an electronics technician, caters to the defense markets. In Bordeaux, the company will assemble and test its three models of electric flying drones intended for intelligence, surveillance, target search, and acquisition missions in support of both French and foreign armed forces. Its smaller Strix 300 and Strix 400 models, with wingspans up to 4.25 meters and weighing 7 kg, can be hand-launched, while the Endurance 900, with a 9-meter wingspan and weighing 25 kg, requires only 50 meters for takeoff.

Manufactured 80% in France, at its Grenoble factory, Eos Technologie’s drones are already deployed, especially in the Sahel by the French army, and discussions are underway with several West African countries. The young company plans to quickly hire about thirty employees, two-thirds of whom will be in Bordeaux. After a turnover of €400,000 in 2021, Eos Technologie expects €1.8 million this year, followed by €6 million next year, and aims for tens of millions of euros by 2025.

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