Strix 300 – Mini UAV

Take off

Hand lauch


1 Kg


3-4 h

Video range

50 Km

Vector characteristics

Take-off Hand launch
Landing Off-road
Wingspan 2,99 m
Length 1,68 m
Average flight-ready weight 4,4 kg
Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) 5 kg
Maximum payload 1 kg
Endurance - Standard Version 3-4 h
Endurance - Solar-powered long-endurance version (Solar LE) On demand
Cruising speed 65 km/h
Stealth mode cruising speed 55 km/h
Maximum cruising speed 120 km/h
Stall speed 38 km/h
Max altitude 5000 m
Min operating temperature -10°C
Max operating temperature +55°C

Strix 300 | Fixed-wing solar contact UAV UAS | EOS Technologies


Strix 300 | Fixed-wing solar contact UAV UAS | EOS Technologies

Strix 300 | 2D views

Solar version, doubling the endurance

Ultra-resistant materials

(carbon-free, reducing interference)

Backpackable and hand-launchable

(no catapult)

Vector assembly in less than 10 minutes by a single operator


EOS Technologies – Autopilot interface

Automatic takeoff Yes
Automatic landing Yes
Complete flight programming Yes
Flight plan modification during the mission Yes
Manual takeover of controls Yes
Operator training duration 2-3h

Payload & transmission

Camera NightHawk 2 UZ de NextVision
CM62 de Ascent Vision Technologies
On demand cameras
ROEM / SIGINT On demand
Video return range 50 km
Video transmission encryption AES 256
Radio modules (for manual resumption of control) 1 mod. 868 Mhz
+ 1 mod. 2,4Ghz

Drone - EOS Technologie infrared video transmission

Drone - Retransmission vidéo de jour EOS Technologies


Backpack L 1577 mm x l 360 mm x H 170 mm // 2 Kg
Flight case L 1850 mm x l 550 mm x H 650 mm // 9 Kg

 Strix 300 | Closed Flight case

Strix 300 | Open Flight case

 Strix 300 | Fixed-wing solar contact UAV UAS | EOS Technologies