Endurance 900 – Tactical MAME UAV




20 Kg


> 12 h

Video range

> 100 Km or SAT

Vector characteristics

Take-off 50 m runway
Landing 50 m runway
Wingspan 9 m
Length 3,5 m
Average flight-ready weight 25 kg
Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) On demand
Maximum payload On demand
Endurance - Standard Version > 12 h
Endurance - Solar-powered long-endurance version (Solar LE) On demand
Cruising speed On demand
Stealth mode cruising speed On demand
Maximum cruising speed On demand
Stall speed On demand
Max altitude On demand
Min operating temperature -10°C
Max operating temperature +55°C

Endurance 900 | Fixed-wing solar contact UAV UAS | EOS Technologies

Solar version, doubling the endurance

Ultra-resistant materials

(carbon-free, reducing interference)

Twin engine

(mission safety)

Vector assembly in less than 15 minutes by a single operator


EOS Technologies – Autopilot interface

Automatic takeoff Yes
Automatic landing Yes
Complete flight programming Yes
Flight plan modification during the mission Yes
Manual takeover of controls Yes
Operator training duration 2-3h

Payload & transmission

Camera On demand
Satellite connection On demand
Video return range > 100 km or SAT
ROEM / SIGINT On demand
Video transmission encryption AES 256
Radio modules (for manual resumption of control) 1 mod. 868 Mhz
+ 1 mod. 2,4Ghz


Flight case On demand

Endurance 900 | Closed Flight case

Endurance 900 | Fixed-wing solar contact UAV UAS | EOS Technologies